10 TikTok Ad Examples and Strategies To Drive More Revenue

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With its large user base and global reach, TikTok has positioned itself as an indispensable tool for businesses leveraging the power of social media marketing. So, if you just stick to two of your favourite TikTok ad examples, you are missing out.

Social media advertising is continuously evolving, and unless you are an ad expert, you might not know all the TikTok ad examples and strategies to help you maximise your ad potential, create compelling ad copy, and stand out on the video-sharing platform.

So, in this write-up, we will be sharing the top-performing TikTok ad campaign examples to maximise your digital marketing efforts.

What are TikTok ads?

TikTok ads are the advertising platform of the leading video-sharing platform, TikTok. It allows the display of advertisements to promote the products and services of businesses to target audiences that vary with location, demographic, and profile location. For digital marketing, TikTok ads will help reach target audiences, boost brand awareness, and drive conversations effectively on a single social platform.

10 Best TikTok Ad Examples for a Winning Strategy in 2024

1. Marc Jacobs’ “Perfect As I Am”

“Perfect As I Am” – Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs’ fashion label recently came up with the fragrance “Perfect,” and its marketing team put their best foot forward to advertise it among Gen Z and Millenials. The company collaborated with famous TikTok influencer Rickey Thompson to release a hashtag, “Perfect as I Am,” that sat well with their formerly introduced fragrance, “Perfect.”

Counted as one of the best TikTok ad campaign examples, this move irked the viewers to constantly use the hashtag in their TikTok videos, eventually creating awareness about the fragrance.

2. Amazon’s Pajama Jam Challenge

Amazon’s Pajama Jam Challenge

This holiday season, Amazon came up with new yet bright brand imagery that you must have across their site, blog, and social media.

In collaboration with the Movers+Shakers creative agency, they came up with a TikTok challenge along with the hashtag “#PajamaJam. The challenge included walking on a fun catwalk to their original song while dressed up in pyjamas they had previously bought from Amazon.

Along with how interesting the TikTok challenge sounded, the brand ended up receiving a total of 13,000+ videos with their original song and more than 1 billion views in a day. With a successful brand campaign and TikTok advertising ideas, Amazon’s marketing team continued to set itself apart from other shopping platforms.

3. Google’s TikTok ad: Fact Check Explorer

Google’s TikTok ad: Fact Check Explorer

While influencers continue to leverage product marketing with their existence, Google doesn’t set itself apart. Recently, Google came up with Fact Check Explorer and took a creative turn to introduce it to TikTok users. In a collaborative ad video, an influencer demonstrates a relatable story that allows Google to feature its power through storytelling.

With how TikTok users are already aware of Google’s Fact Check Explorer, we can imagine how powerful this strategy was. So, utilising a TikTok video without any “traditional advertising strategy,” Google served the best TikTok marketing ideas.

4. GymShark’s Advertising: Change Your Life

GymShark’s Advertising – Change Your Life

Among the few brands that have adopted TikTok since its initial launch, GymShark has given TikTok some of the best and most worthy challenges. In addition to that, the challenges have continued to serve as the best TikTok ad strategy.

In 2019, Gymsharks asked their followers to upload a photo of themselves on the first day of the year. Two months later, in March 2019, GymShark asked the users to share their 66-day transformation journey. And the winners would take a year free of Gymshark’s goods.

Although the advertisement cost a cake for the brand, it reached an astonishing 1.9 million likes, 12k comments, and 45 million.

5. Dunkin’ TikTok Ad

The Dunkin’ TikTok Ad

Dunkin, the American multinational coffee company, came up with a less-standard but impactful TikTok ad strategy that utilised influencer Charli D’Amelio to launch a new product for its audience. Through this strategy, Dunkin’ built a strong, lasting partnership with her younger audience.

In this strategy, the influencer, Charli D’Amelio, posted almost 120 videos with Dunkin’s product. Although none of them were creative, they left a lasting impression on TikTok users.

As a result, there was a 56 percent increase in downloads of the Dunkin app. Moreover, there was a 20% sales boost for the newly launched beverage, followed by a 45% spike in sales the next day.

6. Cicis

The Cicis TikTok Ad

Cicis, initially known as Cici’s Pizza, is an American chain of buffet restaurants and is keeping with its marketing on the video-sharing app TikTok. Recently, it used a popular TikTok sound to feature its varieties of pizza in a short yet eye-catching video. Although the video incorporated minimum creativity, it managed to resonate well with its target market, hence setting the best TikTok ad campaign examples.

7. Venmo’s TikTok Ad

Venmo’s TikTok Ad

Another popular TikTok ad strategy featured in a clip is that Venmo, an American mobile payment application, collaborates with influencers to showcase their services.

While utilising its own TikTok account, it leverages a TikTok trend in collaboration with famous influencers. Although the advertisement was short and crisp, it served its purpose of highlighting the services of Venmo.

8. Netflix’s “#WhatsYourPower”

Netflix’s “#WhatsYourPower”

The OTT streaming service Netflix tries its best to resonate with the younger generation and constantly comes up with new hashtags.

For instance, during the post-production of its movie “Project Power,” Netflix on TikTok came up with the hashtag challenge “#WhatsYourPower.” While the challenge came with a branded filter, it encouraged users to share their powers in a video that incorporates the hashtag and the filter.

Within days of releasing the challenge, the filters were used by more than 112,000 people. Hence, with such interactive challenges, Netflix has earned itself the tag of the second-most-followed brand on TikTok.

9. Dove TikTok Ad

Dove TikTok Ad

Another brand setting its marketing among the best TikTok marketing strategies, Dove, collaborates with several influencers to advertise its product. Going with feminism comes with freedom trends on TikTok; its most recent TikTok represented Nikki Garza, a plus-size model and influencer. In the short video, Garza had the power to convey her personality. While the TikTok ad set itself up with authentic marketing, it left room for the audience to connect through comments.

10. Vessi’s TikTok Innovative Ad Campaign

Vessi’s TikTok Innovative Ad Campaign

Among the brands that use creativity to resonate with their audience is Vessi, a water-resistant footwear brand. In a series of TikTok ad strategy campaigns, Vessi makes sure that it collaborates with famous influencers to advertise their products on TikTok.

For one of their recent ad campaigns, Vessi collaborated with a Canada-based social media influencer, Kris Collins. In a humorous yet informative way, Kriss Collins came up with a collection of parody videos with a “Buy Now” call to action button option at its end.

Although a small-scale brand, Vessi’s TikTok account boasts more than 164k followers and 1.8 billion likes.


There you have it: 10 real examples of TikTok marketing ideas that worked for brands that used them. Although some of them used the incorrect way to run an ad or one single TikTok ad strategy, it worked. Instead, understand your buyer’s journey, your audience, and your product’s appeal. Hence, focusing on these three core things and running a few tests will eventually assist you in building the best TikTok marketing strategies and campaigns.

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