The Best 10 Aniwatch Alternatives For Streaming Anime

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Aniwatch, a site widely recognised for streaming and downloading anime, offers various shows and movies to watch online. Claiming to be one of the popular websites for anime enthusiasts, it has a plethora of anime content that makes the application valuable.

Although the platform has a global popularity, it has been often questioned for its safety concerns. Hence, in this guide, we have listed the 10 safe alternatives to Aniwatch.

What is Aniwatch?

Aniwatch, a popular anime streaming and download site in the world, offers a plethora of web series and movies to watch online. A free website with an endless availability of content, you can even download subbed or dubbed anime in ultra HD quality without logging in.

With the availability of HD quality, you can adjust the streaming quality to 360p, 720p, or even 1080p. Not only this but the Aniwatch allows you to choose among its regularly updated library. In addition to it, the platform is also preferred owing to its interface.

Is Aniwatch Safe/Legal?

The safety terms of the Aniwatch vary from country to country owing to its unavailability of copyright for the content it streams. Hence, supporting such a platform can be equivalent to encouraging piracy. Besides, the application is free to use and includes pop-up ads which have either malware or unwanted scripts.

Besides the safety issue, it can also corrupt your device for utilising the website. Hence, these can put your website’s data and personal information at risk.

For instance, legitimate websites including Netflix and Crunchyroll have licensed content owing to which the platforms are considered safe. On the contrary, Aniwatch doesn’t have a licence, hence counting it among the pirated websites.

Aniwatch Reviews: Pros and Cons

Aniwatch (now HiAnime) is commonly preferred by anime enthusiasts who are looking to watch updated content at zero prices. While Aniwatch is a free platform, it lacks safety as the platform features pirated and non-licensed content.

Going on with the Aniwatch reviews here are the pros and cons of the application,


  • Varied Content: Not just the latest but Aniwatch features old and classic anime, providing users with classified content.
  • Community Platform: Not only does Aniwatch provide a plethora of anime but it also provides a platform to discuss and share their love for the genre
  • User Friendly: Along with a comfortable user interface, it can accessed by people of all groups
  • Constant Updates: It is regularly updated with the latest content to make sure that viewers never run out of options
  • Adjustable Quality: Not just a high definition quality, but the anime platform comes with adjustable screen quality for a better experience


  • Irrelevant Ad: Although Aniwatch is a free platform, it disrupts the viewer experience by featuring ads frequently
  • Safety: The platform has been reviewed and reported as a pirated website
  • Limited Offline Options: Aniwatch provides users with features to download. However, this is a limited option since some of the content cannot be downloaded 

Why Was AniWatch Rebranded to HiAnime?

AniWatch, in March 2024, announced its decision to rebrand itself as “HiAnime.” Meanwhile, the decision came weeks after the application made infamy headlines for its safety issues. The users who accessed the website received a message alert that read “Aniwatch is being rebranded to HiAnime. You will be redirected to the new HiAnime website in 10 seconds. Or you can also click here to go to HiAnime now.

A report from TorrentFreak suggested that the rebranding of the website was done to evade its blocked status from India. The country, being the largest user of HiAnime, announced its sudden disassociation from the website owing to safety concerns. Now, AniWatch with its frequent change is trying to bounce back the application in the Indian market.

Is AniWatch Banned in India?

In March 2024, Aniwatch was banned by the Indian Government. In 2023, the government granted an interim order while supporting companies such as Universal, Warner Bros, Netflix, Paramount Pictures, and Disney, to protect copyright content from pirated websites. Hence, Aniwatch, a pirated website, was announced among the websites that have been listed to receive a ban from India.

So, if you are also concerned about the status of the platform and are searching for “Is Aniwatch Down?” The application has been banned from the country. However, you can still use it by applying a VPN.

Top AniWatch Alternatives To Try In 2024 

1. Animeowl


A reliable site to watch your favourite anime content, Animeowl has been a supplier for a long time and has not been listed among pirated websites. Going along with the reviews, the best features of the site are its easy-to-use interface, elegant design, and no pop-up ads.

Additionally, the application also boasts a dark mode toggle that can be used by users who like to binge-watch in the dark. Following logging in, the website will manage your viewed content so that you can watch it later.

Additionally, it also has a huge content library that has several genres and hundreds of anime to choose from. As of recent updates, the content is available in sub, dub, and Chinese audio.

2. Zoroxtv


Initially known as Zoro, Zorox features an integrated platform for varied anime needs. With all seasons, genres, languages, and ratings, you can find the series according to your preference.

Besides, the application features a great user interface that is available for mobile and desktop. Additionally, you can also log in and drop comments on Anime. Besides, Zorox. Advertisement banners, there are none of them while streaming content.

 A great website similar to Aniwatch. It also has timestamps that will help you in pausing, skipping, or reversing to the part you want to.

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3. Animesuge


This platform also offers high-quality anime content that updates its website with newly introduced series and films regularly. With Animesuge, you can explore a varied form of genres including your favourite anime and series.

Although the platform doesn’t require a necessary login, however, with logging yourself in, you can control your watch history, resume the series and pause it accordingly. Additionally, unlike Aniwatch, Amisuge. to is an ad-free platform and allows you to access content in English DUB and English SUB, respectively.

4. Anix


Another alternative to the Aniwatch anime platform is Anix which has been introduced with a seamless and user-friendly interface that makes binge-watching and streaming anime easy. Along with a varied collection of anime, you can choose any of them. Additionally, according to users, the content in Anix. has been coveted according to its popularity.

Besides, it also features HD streaming quality which ensures that you can enjoy your favourite anime film or series in the best quality. Moreover, you can also opt for a quality, which may depend on your preferences and data usage. Not only this but it is an ad-free platform and doesn’t necessarily require a long procedure of registration. All you need to do is access the website and you will dive into the world of Anime.

5. 9animetv


Mostly considered by anime enthusiasts, 9animetv offer a vast library that explores several genres like business, action, comedy, and drama among others. Meanwhile, its interactive interface makes it a user-friendly platform ensuring viewers find their preferred content with ease.

Similar to the above-mentioned alternatives, 9animetv features HD quality streaming which means you can enjoy a great viewing experience for free. Nevertheless, the platform has annoying pop-up notifications. Apart from that, 9animetv has a great downloading speed and an excellent streaming experience which makes the platform best for anime enthusiasts.

According to, you should be using the platform along with a VPN. Since is banned in several countries, it might hamper your viewing experience. However, with a VPN, you can access a range of series and movies on the website.

6. HiAnime


Although not an alternative, HiAnime is a rebranded version of Aniwatch. With the platform’s recent decision to change its name, it came weeks after the application made infamy headlines for its safety issues. The users who accessed the website received a message alert that read “Aniwatch is being rebranded to HiAnime. You will be redirected to the new HiAnime website in 10 seconds. Or you can also click here to go to HiAnime now.”

Along with the rebranding, HiAnime is offering a sleek design that makes it convenient for the users and a plethora of content which is recently updated. In addition, it has also lessened the number of ads to provide a good viewership experience for users.

Despite Aniwatch receiving a setback after a ban from India, it continues to claim itself as a safe and secure website. It also has a watch together that allows users to watch and chat simultaneously on the platform. Moreover, following logging in, you can log in to access more features like a watchlist and the ability to make comments. Furthermore, HiAnime provides 24*7 support for its users to provide a quality and hassle-free anime binge-watching experience to its users.

7. Gogotaku


Initially known as Gogoanime. It is a platform like Aniwatch which allows you to watch your preferred and favourite anime content on their proxy sites, anitaku and gogoanim3. With a similar content library, the website is preferable for those who like to explore several genres on the site.

Besides, along with a sleek interface, it is designed for easy navigation which ensures finding your favourite web series in a go. With a plethora of content, Gogataku promises anime in HD quality and with accurate English subtitles and dubbing. Meanwhile, the platform’s varied genres include action, drama, and mystery.

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8. Crunchyroll


Unlike Aniwatch, Crunchyroll provides content which is not pirated and is licensed by the application. A global destination for anime streaming, Crunchyroll is currently a trusted platform for more than 100 million registered users and 5 million subscribers. With hundreds of trending anime, Crunchyroll is home to some of the acclaimed movies and series like Attack on Titan, Demon Slayer, Jujutsu Kaisen and To Your Eternity. According to the website, Crunchyroll is “the world’s largest anime library of more than 40,000 episodes.”

Besides, you can also access some of the uncensored manga series on Crunchyroll. Although the application comes with a subscription charge, it is advisable to use credible streaming services to avoid safety and privacy issues.

9. Hulu


If you are looking for something more than Crunchyroll, Hulu can be a preferable option for you. With more than 300 anime titles, it boasts some of the best content including My Hero Academia, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Attack on Titan, and Soul Eater. With Hulu being one of the newest streaming platforms, it has already made its place among the ranking streaming platforms.

Meanwhile, Hulu comes with subscription charges that vary from region to region.

10. HiDive


A cheap and convenient alternative to the Aniwatch, the HiDive serves users with high-quality content around the globe. Not only will you find curated content but also an assortment of live-action adaptations.

Although HiDice caters to family-friendly titles, it involves specifically adult and 18+ anime content. With customisable subtitle options, HiDive allows you to choose between censored and uncensored anime.

Although the platform doesn’t feature a subscription-free option, you can enjoy a minimum $5/monthly subscription after the completion of a 7-day trial.

Final Words

With Aniwatch’s recent controversy over its safety terms and pirated content, we will advise you to restrict the utilisation of the platform. Not only can the website hamper your privacy but also sabotage your device.

In the ever-evolving landscape of anime, there are hundreds of websites dedicated to them. While choosing a safe and convenient platform among the plethora of anime websites can be difficult, the above-mentioned list can help you. In the guide, we have mentioned the top 10 alternatives to Aniwatch which can be utilised for a perfect anime binge-watch experience.

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