10 AI Graphic Design Tools for Designers For Creative Image Generation

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Over the past few years, artificial intelligence tools have been integrated for use in many industries. Currently, it is used in various sectors, such as content writing, the music industry, and software development. However, the industry with the highest number of AI tool users is the graphic design industry. Whether it is for creating new color themes or fonts or to generate personalized images, AI has become a helping hand for designers. If you are a beginner wondering what tools to try, do not worry. Check out the 10 AI Graphic Design Tools for Designers in this write-up.

How do you use AI for graphic design?

Artificial intelligence is used in the graphic design industry for a variety of reasons. It has the potential to enhance your overall design process and make it quicker and easier. Besides, it can be used for idea generation. AI also offers personalized designs, which are of high quality. It continuously suggests and improves your design to make it appropriate for the client’s use. Not only this, but it also builds a sense of teamwork and increases collaboration between a team and its stakeholders by providing quality outcomes.

Explore the 10 Best AI Graphic Design Tools for Designers for 2024

1. Uizard

uizard - AI Graphic Design Tools

Uizard is one of the best AI graphic design software, with creative and advanced features that allow you to design mobile apps, websites, and desktop software. This AI works as a one-stop destination for users looking to utilize an artificial intelligence tool in the workplace.

Besides, this AI assistant is very user-friendly. It is smart design software for creatives, as it allows you to design from scratch from various templates available.

This platform works on prompts such as the text assistant and text-to-image generator. Moreover, it can choose the colors and fonts by itself, using the image uploaded or the URL.

Pricing: Uizard offers many plans for different users. It costs $12 per user per month for startups and $49 per user per month for large business organizations. Besides, it is free for students and hobbyists.

Pros of Uizard

  • It has an easy-to-use user interface that can be used by beginners too.
  • Uizard uses artificial intelligence to convert sketches and screenshots into mockups and prototypes.
  • This software has many pre-made, customizable templates.
  • It supports team collaboration between the team members and other stakeholders.

Cons of Uizard

  • Uizard is not full-fledged software, and it cannot handle complicated tasks.
  • Moreover, it may also not provide accurate results when converting sketches into mockups.
  • Sometimes, the platform might face bugs and glitches, which can reduce its overall efficiency.
  • Lastly, Uizard is not a free app and requires users to subscribe in order to utilize all its features.

2. Khroma

Khroma - AI Graphic Design Tools

Khroma is another AI graphic design software on our list. Users looking for stunning and attractive color palettes can try Khroma AI-driven creative software, as it provides an infinite number of color combinations. However, there is no surety regarding the compatibility of colors, and one can only guess what suits the best. In the initial step, the app asks users to choose fifty colors from a huge color collection provided. 

With the help of those selections, this intelligent design software uses an infinite number of color combinations. Moreover, users can view those combinations in text, image, side-by-side, or gradient view. Besides, you can edit and add those palettes to your favorites and edit them by their choice. Further, you can upload images and add colors to them. Users can also copy and paste the hex code for the color to use on various design platforms.

Pricing: Khroma is free to use, with no paid plans or subscriptions. Anyone can utilize its features without having to worry about money.

Pros of Khroma

  • The platform is easy to use and will not create any problems for beginners or those who are unfamiliar with AI tools for graphic designers.
  • It is time-saving and has a lot of search and save features for effortless services.
  • Further, there are endless color combinations, which can be customized and personalized as per users’ choices. 

Cons of Khroma

  • The unique features of khroma may not be liked by those who prefer manual color selection. Some users want to have a hands-on approach to color selection.
  • Choosing from such a wide collection can be tiring for some individuals. The color palette generation process could take up to 20 minutes sometimes.

3. AutoDraw

AutoDraw - AI Graphic Design Tools

AutoDraw is one of the best AI tools for graphic design. Created by Google Creative Lab, this AI-powered graphic design software makes drawing easy and convenient for everyone. With AutoDraw, you can draw at a higher speed and improve your artwork with the help of pairing machine-learning design tools with drawings by several artists.

In simpler words, if you make a doodle on the platform, it will try to guess what you are drawing. Moreover, it will provide the user with suggestions based on drawings completed by various artists and designers to help improve how your artwork looks. You can also download this artwork of yours as a PNG file and share it on social media. 

This AI graphic design generator tool was launched in 2017; however, it has started to get attention recently because of the buzz related to AI. With this tool, anyone can draw, as the tool itself guesses what the user is trying to create. Later, they can download their creative projects.

Pricing: AutoDraw is a free tool and does not require users to sign up for a subscription.

Pros of AutoDraw

  • The platform is absolutely free to use and has an easy user interface, making it convenient and accessible for users with little to no experience.
  • It has a huge collection of drawings to choose from and gives users drawing ideas.
  • Lastly, this software can work on any device.

Cons of AutoDraw

  • One of the main disadvantages of using AutoDraw is that it has very limited and simple shapes to use.
  • Moreover, the drawings are not always accurate, and sometimes they could be completely different from what the user desires.
  • Lastly, the designs might be unoriginal and fall behind in creativity.

4. Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly - AI Graphic Design Tools

Adobe Firefly is one of the most reliable AI-driven graphic editing tools. Those familiar with Adobe Suite and the various features in their software would agree that there is no lack of innovation. Similarly, this AI tool for graphic design is quite innovative. Initially made available to Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator subscribers, Adobe Firefly is now commercially available for general use. This software consists of various AI design tools that can perform functions such as generating amazing text effects and converting text into images. Moreover, it can also create different fonts based on the prompts entered by the users. However, it should be noted that all the images will have a watermark, as Adobe does not support their use for commercial purposes.

Pricing: It is free to use, giving you 25 credits a month. The subscription plan will cost US$4.99/month for 100 monthly credits and US$9.99/month for 500 monthly credits.

Pros of Adobe Firefly

  • Adobe Firefly is one of the best AI-enhanced design applications, as it enhances the creativity of users. It creates endless possibilities for users to choose from. Moreover, it leads to innovation through experimenting with different colors and styles.
  • The software saves time as the users do not have to focus on tasks that could be done by artificial intelligence. Rather, they can focus on using their creative minds and reduce the time that manual design tasks take.

Cons of Adobe Firefly

  • Users cannot edit the machine-generated design, such as the layout, typography, and more. Therefore, it puts limitations on the creativity of designers as an automated layout design software. 
  • Lastly, the software depends on internet connectivity and might cause inconvenience in areas with poor network connectivity.

5. Fronty

Fronty - AI Graphic Design Tools

Fronty is one of the most popular AI graphic design tools that works on user-uploaded images. It allows users to explore new ways of creating a website. Moreover, this tool uses HTML5 and Google Analytics. It generates HTML and CSS code. Users can simply upload the image of their webpage design. This AI tool will identify the image and generate a code for it. Besides, users can also use its online user interface to edit and change the webpages. Not only this, Fronty has a clean and accessible way of generating codes.

Pricing: Fronty does not necessitate subscriptions and is free for basic use. However, it costs around $4.5 for a pro plan and $9 for an advanced plan with additional features.

Pros of Fronty

  • This software converts images to HTML CSS codes, and it is a quick process. The codes generated are quite clean and do not require users to have prior coding experience.
  • It is an online website editor that has a clear design. It has multiple layouts and design suggestions.

Cons of Fronty

  • One of the main limitations of Fronty is that it does not support multiple languages. Their codes are limited to HTML and CSS, and there is no code customization feature.
  • The software does not have offline support, so it is difficult to use in areas with a slow or no internet connection.

6. Let’s Enhance

Let’s Enhance - AI Graphic Design Tools

Let’s Enhance is a smart graphic design application that improves the quality of user-uploaded images. Not only this, but it does not lose any details during this update and enhancement process. Mainly, it is used to enlarge low-resolution images and restore the quality of old or damaged photos. It comes under some of the best neural network design tools that add details that were not already there and deliver results of high quality regardless of the quality of the original image. The AI tool upscales the image by improving its color, resolution, and lighting without any manual editing process, which makes it a one-stop platform for both print and digital media images. 

Moreover, this software can also generate images from text and resize photos for both personal and commercial use.

Pricing: Users get 10 free credits upon signing up. Moreover, it costs $12 for 100 credits a month, $32 for 300 credits per month, and $45 for 500 credits per month.

Pros of Let’s Enhance

  • This tool uses artificial intelligence to improve the quality of low-resolution images and videos. Moreover, it also offers a free trial and affordable plans for different users.
  • Let’s Enhance has a user-friendly interface that allows users to preserve the original quality of the images.

Cons of Let’s Enhance

  • This software needs users to have a stable internet connection and a browser for efficient functioning. Besides, it might be compatible with all devices and platforms.
  • It may not work for certain types of images or videos, such as cartoons or drawings. Along with that, it raises concerns about the ethical use of AI.

7. Midjourney

Midjourney - AI Graphic Design Tools

Midjourney is an AI graphic design tool that enables users to create high-quality artwork in a short time, just with a text command on Discord. Being one of the most popular AI image generator tools nowadays, midjourney has a strong default for creating aesthetic images, and it is a self-funded and closed source. This AI bot generates four image variations, and you can choose the most suitable one and edit it for personalized use. Moreover, you can also zoom out the images that are generated at maximum size. This tool offers free and paid options. However, users unfamiliar with Discord might initially find it difficult to use. But once you learn about its functions and command processes, you will love the realistic image output.

Pricing: It costs $10 for 3.3 hours per month of fast GPU time, $30 for 15 hours, $60 for 30 hours, and $120 for 60 hours in one month.

Pros of Midjourney

  • It generates realistic images of your imagination with text prompts using artificial intelligence.
  • Further, it has an active moderator and guides the community on Discord, making it easier for beginners to learn and clarify any doubts.

Cons of Midjourney

  • Midjourney requires users to sign up for a subscription in order to generate more images.
  • Users can also face concerns regarding the originality and ownership of the images generated.

8. Designs.ai

Designs.ai - AI Graphic Design Tools

Designs.ai is one of the automated graphic design platforms that enables users to create social media posts, logos, and videos. Its machine learning makes designing easy, even for beginners. Additionally, users are offered various design suggestions that are purely customized based on the previous activities. 

Along with providing personalized workflow, it also has an extensive library of graphics, fonts, colors, and design elements. Therefore, graphic designers looking for different types of media and tools will find this platform useful. This AI graphic design tool continues to change users’ perceptions by accomplishing great tasks. It has every tool that one might require to make a catchy and unique logo, a social media advertisement, or a convincing video. When working on creative projects, they need to be customized and cater to your ideas and needs. Therefore, this easy-to-use platform allows efficiency and originality, along with an extensive collection of fonts, colors, and graphics.

Pricing: Designs.ai offers a basic plan for only $19 a month. With some additional features, it costs $49 for the Pro version and $169 for an Enterprise-level subscription. 

Pros of Designs.ai

  • Designs.ai uses AI to create unique designs that are customized to the users’ needs. It implies that you can design an infinite number of high-quality designs without any manual design process. 
  • It has a user-friendly interface, which makes it easily accessible for both beginners and experienced professionals. Besides, the platform has a customization feature for everyone’s needs.

Cons of Designs.ai

  • The artificial intelligence tool is amazing; however, sometimes the designs require a manual touch to look complete. We cannot deny that AI cannot match human creativity.
  • It depends on the user; sometimes they might not like the designs that the AI generates.

9. Adobe Sensei

Adobe Sensei - AI Graphic Design Tools

This AI tool provides automated design solutions to creative individuals. Initially introduced in 2016, Adobe Sensei aims to make businesspeople work more efficiently. This helps the designers shift their complete focus to tasks that require manual work. They can do things such as ideating, creating, and engaging with clients.

The software lets users create high-quality graphics and adjust them to the screen resolution and size. Moreover, its performance forecasting feature allows the creators to optimize their campaign strategies by predicting their performance. It has a smooth integration with Adobe design tools and is invaluable for graphic designers. By performing easy tasks, sensei allows users to focus on creative and art-based functions and becomes a comprehensive package for any designer.

Pricing: Since Adobe Sense from the Adobe Creative Suite is used for different purposes, its subscription also varies. The price depends on the request from the vendor.

Pros of Adobe Sensei

  • One of the most talked-about features of Adobe Sensei is its automation ability, which is proven to be time-saving for users. Its functions include color correction and object selection, among others.
  • The software is more accurate and efficient with the help of its AI integration. Therefore, it gives mind-blowing results within seconds.

Cons of Adobe Sensei

  • It has a risk of users becoming overly dependent on it. These AI-driven recommendations can have an occasional flaw, reminding users of the need for manual touch.
  • It can also impose a privacy concern as an AI platform gets access to your content. 

10. Jasper.ai


Jasper, an AI art generator tool, is helpful for users looking to create unique images and photos with just user prompts. Not only this, but the tool offers images in high resolution, can be used without any watermark, and is royalty-free. It also offers an AI writing tool that is useful for content writing. Moreover, it allows users to generate up to 200 images for free during the 5-day trial period. These royalty-free images can be used for various purposes. Users can publish them on their blogs or social media accounts, even for commercial purposes. However, it should be kept in mind that these images might be in use by others too, as they are not exclusive.

Pricing: A creator plan costs $49 a month, while a pro version costs $69 a month.

Pros of Jasper.ai

  • Jasper AI can create a huge variety of content creation capabilities. It can turn simple text into amazing art and realistic AI images.
  • It has a user-friendly interface, allowing technologically unadvanced users to create high-quality content.

Cons of Jasper.ai

  • Since the tool is relatively new, it might not always be accurate. Therefore, you might notice some occasional errors in the output.
  • The tool is not free to use, so some users might find it unaffordable.


Henceforth, we can conclude that there are an endless number of options for designers to leverage artificial intelligence in order to generate customized and realistic images quickly and conveniently. These 10 AI graphic design tools for designers continue to enhance themselves and become more accurate and flawless for a better user experience.

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