The 10 Best Tech Podcasts to Listen To Now

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Sure, you can listen to podcasts on politics, sciences, and crime, or even just chat about everything in between, but what fascinates in the current era is technology. The question of why we love tech podcasts has been asked over and over again. Ted Talks Technology might have turned into a mainstream phenomenon back in 2016, but the trend thrives to this day, with dozens of the most popular tech podcasts racking in hundreds of thousands of downloads.

Whether you want the latest tech news, expert commentary on what’s making headlines, a thorough examination of newly-launched gadget theories, or just want to listen to something smart, these are the best technology podcasts worth your time.

What are tech podcasts?

As a general rule, where podcasts are a form of entertainment, tech podcasts or technology podcasts differ from others. Tech podcasts, published on a podcast hosting platform or directly on a website, inform, inspire, or engage their audience while sharing consecutive topics about technology.

While many tech enthusiasts enjoy reading articles, others prefer something they can listen to and visualise. Hence, the leading tech podcasts can be the best opportunity to broaden your reach and knowledge of gadgets and technology.

Tech Podcast Review

While we bring you a comprehensive list of the top 10 tech podcasts to listen to, you can double-check by going through their reviews. The website, PlayerFM, brings all the top tech podcast reviews for audience convenience. Check the reviews here!

The 10 Best Tech Podcasts to Listen to In 2024

1. The Cultcast

The Cultcast - Best Tech Podcasts

Why It’s One of the Best: The Cultcast promises to return with news iOS stories and accessories for your devices, hence ranking among the trending tech podcasts.

About: Launched in 2012, The Cultcast runs for 30 minutes and is slated to cover every piece of news about Apple. With more than 600 episodes in its bag, it informs its audiences about the thousands of accessories that are being launched for iOS users. Additionally, by bringing a pinch of humour into its content, it is counted among the best podcasts for tech enthusiasts.

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2. This Week in Tech

This Week in Tech - Best Tech Podcasts

Why It’s One of the Best: An award-winner that stands out on the laurels of covering the week’s best technology stories, asking bigger questions by industry experts while they tell all about tech

About: Hosted by Leo Laporte and several TechTV employees, This Week in Tech (TWiT) made its debut in 2005. Primarily covering round table discussions and debates surrounding the previous week’s tech news and reviews, This Week in Tech airs every Sunday at 2:15 p.m. p.s.t. Always thoroughly entertaining and researched, this podcast constantly ranks among the top 10 tech podcasts.

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3. Accidental Tech Podcast

Accidental Tech Podcast - Best Tech Podcasts

Why It’s One of the Best: Bringing a truly singular, fresh approach to the oversaturated landscape through the round-table discussion behind-off-the-beaten tech stories

About: Hosted by Marco Arment, Casey Liss, and John Siracusa, Accidental Tech Podcasts was initiated in 2013 and brings hundreds of episodes worth listening to. Primarily covering discussions related to technology, Apple products, software development, and other tech-related topics, Accidental Tech Podcasts brings something new to the genre by making a space among the top technology podcasts.

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4. Stacks

Stacks - Best Tech Podcasts

Why It’s One of the Best: It tells captivating, binge-worthy, often undercovered tech topics with occasional episodes on newly launched crypto coins, bitcoin updates, and recent updates

About: A roundtable discussion podcast, Stacks, hosted by Luke Martin, is the best go-to tech podcast for crypto enthusiasts. Besides, best for audiences who are eager about crypto or experts in it, these popular tech podcasts break down the mysterious decentralised technology.

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5. Waveform: The MKBHD Podcast

Waveform: The MKBHD Podcast - Best Tech Podcasts

Why It’s One of the Best: A deep dive into the world of technology, told through rigorous interviews and research on the trending technology topics or gadgets.

About: While consumer technology has the power to transform and update our day-to-day lives, Waveform covers it all. Whether it is a much-coveted gadget or a newly launched accessory that is making the rounds on the Internet, these leading tech podcasts will tell you all.

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6. The Internet of Things Podcast

The Internet of Things Podcast - Best Tech Podcasts

Why It’s One of the Best: A more interesting, narrative approach to the best technologically advanced gadgets, confronting their pros and cons.

About: Yet another one more for technology, this podcast is a weekly must-listen for anyone interested in the latest practical developments about the world of connected devices, smart homes, and the Internet of Things. From smart displays and thermostats to industrial-level IoT, this much-coveted podcast can be a joy to explore.

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Apple Music

7. Reply All

Reply All - Best Tech Podcasts

Why It’s One of the Best: A Unique Podcast Providing Us With Some of the Best Technology debates and discussions.

About: If you want to dig into the niches of technology and internet culture, check out Reply All with prominent hosts Gimlet’s Alex Goldman and Emmanuel Dzotsi. In each episode, Goldman and Dzotsi come up with a different “reply,” from conventional interviews to more niche stories.

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8. The Upgrade By LifeHacker

The Upgrade By LifeHacker - Best Tech Podcasts

Why It’s One of the Best: Unique Life hack ideas in the form of podcasts.

About: If you want a regular dose of technology hacks to end your week, The Upgrade by Lifehacker has got you covered. Hosted by a prominent speaker, each episode is like a fact-check for your tech feed, asking questions about the much-sought tech hacks going around that week through the best expert interviews to call you in.

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9. The Talk Show With John Gruber

The Talk Show With John Gruber - Best Tech Podcasts

Why It’s One of the Best: Hosted by a Tech blogger who updates with the best technological trends ongoing.

About: If you want the latest tech news combined with a chat with a technology blogger, check out The Talk Show With John Gruber, a great podcast that zooms in on our mission to explore the tech universe. First launched in 2007, the show sees each episode delve into a particular tech-related topic, with Gruber and Dan Benjamin usually alongside several tech expert guests to balance it out. Covering everything from emojis to AI applications that are somewhat related to Apple, The Talk Show With John Gruber has ranked among the top 10 tech podcasts.

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10. Darknet Diaries

Darknet Diaries - Best Tech Podcasts

Why It’s One of the Best: If you are A dark Web Enthusiast, this podcast can be a rollercoaster ride for you.

About: Although not a solely tech podcast, if you are looking for hardcore, investigative journalism around the darknet, dig into Darknet Diaries. Initiated in 2017, this show is hosted by Jack Rhysider and provides complete insights into the dark web. Over an intense and alarming season, Rhysider illustrated several real stories related to hacking, cybercrime, shadow government activity, and security breaches. Hence, if you are looking for leading tech podcasts with a side of drama in them, you might consider Darknet Diaries.

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Podcast Guide: How to Start a Tech Podcast? (2024)

Since the launch of podcasts in the mid-2000s, they have established themselves as one of the most popular mediums for entertainment and information. While the subject of technology is well-represented in the podcasting world, the thought of creating your own tech-themed podcast must have crossed your mind.

Since it’s bad to rush things, take the time to reflect on your strategy and use this below-mentioned effective step-by-step plan of action:

Select a Subject

Why do you want to start a tech podcast? Know your reasons, do research, and identify what you want to talk about, what tech content you will include, and the response you want to convey. Meanwhile, before launching your tech podcast, it’s important to research existing ones to avoid duplicating content. 

Opt for a Suitable Title

Be sure to choose a title that will reflect your chosen topic clearly and concisely. While not choosing a restrictive name, keep your tech podcast’s title generic enough for future changes or additions to plans.

Lock a Format

Besides the title and subject, plan and confirm an exact format for your tech podcast. Some points to consider include:

  1. How often do you want to air your tech podcasts?
  2. How Long? Are you comfortable talking about technology and its related topics?
  3. Who Hosts? Are you planning to single-handedly host the tech podcast, or are you looking for someone to co-host?
  4. Scripted or freestyle? While both of them have equal advantages, go for a freestyle tech podcast if you are looking for natural hosting
  5. Podcast Guests: Who do you want to be a small part of your tech podcast? Choose among the tech junkies whose interviews work as catalysts for your podcasts.

Equipment Installation

To establish a successful tech podcast, you don’t need to be equipped with expensive equipment. However, properly working recording equipment, free audio enhancement applications, and a soundproofed room will help you debut your podcast’s episode.

Scripts or Storyboards

It doesn’t matter whether your podcast format is scripted or freestyle, drafting a well-illustrated subject can help in the proper execution of your tech podcast. Meanwhile, there are several applications, like Milanote, that offer storyboard templates to help you visualise the flow of your podcast.

Intros and Outros

Intros will be the initial 30-second music that can represent the interesting graph of your podcast. Make sure to choose an interactive tune, and it is more effective to choose thirty-second music rather than using the host’s voice as an intro.

Meanwhile, outros are the ending/concluding lines, and this is where you can ask your listeners to rate or share your podcast.

Cover Images

Your podcast’s cover is your identity, and you will need an appropriate technology-related cover image. To create these visuals, you can check the list of free image sites, download photos, and design according to your preferences in Canva.

Social Media Advertising

As soon as your tech podcast gets aired, start with its advertisement across several social media platforms. While influencers are the best means of advertising, try collaborating with them for better outcomes.

Final Words

We are not here to interrogate why you love tech-related podcasts or to judge you for this obsession. We are one of you. But with such an oversaturation of tech podcasts here, it’s hard to find what’s worth your time and what’s trash. So, with the above-mentioned list, we took on the seemingly impossible task of listing the 10 best tech podcasts for tech enthusiasts. Check it out now!

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