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We are all stuck to our gadgets whenever we get a break. Some might prefer connecting to friends or family, while others might prefer to stream movies and series in the solitude of their beds. If you are in the latter category, we have got your back. Now, it varies with the audience’s taste about the kind of shows they want to watch. While some might prefer to rewatch the same series, others might look out for newness and uniqueness in the content they watch. We have compiled a list of the top 10 latest series to watch right now.

These are the top 10 latest series to watch in 2024

1. Curb Your Enthusiasm, Season 12

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Curb Your Enthusiasm has been one of the best streaming series to watch for the last 24 years. Created by Larry David, the series stars a fictionalized version of himself and first aired on HBO on October 15, 2000. For over twenty years, Larry David has been making people roll on the floor laughing with his role. Moreover, he is also the co-creator of the most successful and critically acclaimed comedy series, Seinfeld. Curb Your Enthusiasm is an Emmy Award-winning series that follows David’s life as a retired man in Los Angeles. It also stars Cheryl Hines as his wife Cheryl, Jeff Garlin as his manager and best friend Jeff Greene, Susie Essman as Jeff’s wife Susie, and J. B. Smoove as Larry’s housemate Leon Black.

The series also won the Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series—Musical or Comedy—in 2002. It aired for eight consecutive seasons until 2011. After that, it had its ninth season in 2017. After some pause, the series aired its tenth season in 2020 and its eleventh in 2021. The twelfth and final season started airing on February 4, 2024, making it the latest streaming series, with its final episode set to be released on April 7, 2024.

Episodes: 10 (first episode on February 4, and final on April 7).

Genre: sitcom, improvisational comedy, cringe comedy, black comedy

Cast: Larry David, Jeff Garlin, Cheryl Hines, Susie Essman, and J. B. Smoove

IMDb rating: 8.8/10

Available on: HBO Max, Hulu

2. One Day

One Day

One Day is a new British television series based on David Nicholl’s bestselling novel of the same name. The series first premiered on Netflix on February 8, 2024, and consists of fourteen episodes. It features Ambika Mod as Emma Morley and Leo Woodall as Dexter Mayhew. The couple meets for the first time as young adults at a university graduation party. Dex is the heartthrob of the campus, and every girl at the university wishes to get noticed by him. On their last day, he singles Emma, which makes her suspicious about him.

The series covers twenty years of love, marriage, betrayal, and heartbreak. The two decades are filled with victories and losses in both of their lives. The series follows a different format, where the audience sees Dexter and Emma’s lives on the same day, July 15, for two decades, starting from the late 1980s to the mid-2000s. Viewers can also think of it as one of the latest series to watch with family.

Episodes: 14

Genre: romance, comedy, drama

Cast: Ambika Mod, Leo Woodall

IMDb rating: 8.2/10

Available on: Netflix

3. Feud: Capote vs. The Swans

Feud Capote vs. The Swans

The Feud: Capote vs. The Swans is the second season of Feud and a new series to watch, created by Ryan Murphy. Its first part, Feud, premiered on FX in March 2017. Feud: Capote vs. The Swans is directed by Gus Van Sant, Max Winkler, and Jennifer Lynch. Written by Jon Robin Baitz, this eight-episode season is based on the book Capote’s Women: A True Story of Love. 

The story is told across many timelines, shifting the setting between the 1950s, ’60s, and ’70s, and talks about the author, Truman Capote. He is a part of the socialite group ‘the Swans’ and ultimately ruins his friendship by writing about the scandalous secrets of the women of this group. When a novel chapter called ‘La Côte Basque,’ named after a restaurant visited frequently by ‘the Swans,’ is published in the novel, the women of the socialite group want to take revenge and ruin Truman’s life.

It has received mixed reviews from fans, and critics still find some emotional linkage to these glamorous characters. Many have said that there is something rich and classy about the entire franchise. The Swans may not be perfect, but their story is worth watching.

Episodes: 8

Genre: Biography, Drama

Cast: Naomi Watts, Diane Lane, Chloë Sevigny

IMDb rating: 8.1/10

Available on: Hulu

4. Boy Swallows Universe

Boy Swallows Universe

This Australian series for Netflix is based on the semi-biographical novel by Trent Dalton of the same name. It is produced by Andrew Mason and Troy Lum, with John Collee serving as the writer. The show revolves around Eli Beli, a working-class young boy who just wishes the best for his family. He enters Brisbane’s underworld to save his mother from danger. His mother is a struggling drug addict. Not only this, he has to deal with a drug-dealing stepfather and a brother who doesn’t speak. While the title has a lot of inspiring quotes in many scenes, it doesn’t fall behind when it comes to humor and comedy. It is one of the latest family drama series right now. Similar to the original book, the 13-year-old protagonist is shown to be facing an endless number of challenges. 

Not only this, the series shows Eli’s mute older brother communicating by writing words in the air. When he writes on the air with his finger, the audience gets to see it in white, powdery letters, just like skywriting from an aeroplane.

Episodes: 7

Genre: coming-of-age, comedy-drama 

Cast: Travis Fimmel, Phoebe Tonkin, Sophie Wilde, Bryan Brown, and Simon Baker

IMDb rating: 8.1/10

Available on: Netflix

5. American Nightmare

American Nightmare

American Nightmare is a crime television series released on Netflix on January 17, 2024. It’s one of the latest streaming series right now. Directed by Bernadette Higgins and Felicity Morris, the show revolves around the 2015 kidnapping case of Denise Huskins from her home in California, where she lived with her boyfriend Aaron Quinn. Initially, the Vallejo police department and FBI assumed that it was a hoax planned by Huskins and Quinn. The media also named Denise “the real gone girl.” 

The real-life victim said the last thing she wanted to do after being released by the kidnapper was to convince everyone of what she had been through. She realized that her story did not sound believable to anyone, and all the officials were keen to prove her guilty. 

This three-episode series consists of interviews, interrogation footage, and recordings to make the world aware of Huskins and Quinn’s story. The justices failed them. However, a man named Matthew Muller was arrested and convicted for the same after some time.

Episodes: 3

Genre: True Crime Docuseries

Cast: Denise Huskins, Aaron Quinn, and Henry Lee

IMDb rating: 7.5/10

Available on: Netflix

6. True Detective: Night Country

True Detective Night Country

The fourth season of True Detective, known as True Detective: Night Country, was released on January 14, 2020, on HBO. Created by Nic Pizzolatto, it is an American anthology crime drama TV series. This new season is set in the fictional town of Ennis, Alaska. The story revolves around an investigation after eight men disappeared from a research station. 

This is the first season without any involvement from the original creator of the series, Nic Pizzolatto. However, he is still given credit as an executive producer. The season is created by Issa López, who is the showrunner, writer, and director of the series. This new installment is the first part of the title to have a subtitle. Additionally, it features Jodie Foster and Kali Reis as Detectives Liz Danvers and Evangeline Navarro. The detective pair investigates a series of murders and learns about the conspiracy behind them. Some might think that this is the common plot for every True Detective season. To not give you any spoilers about the newness and freshness of the story, we urge you to stream it, as it is a new TV series to watch.

Episodes: 6

Genre: anthology, crime drama, detective, mystery, thriller

Cast: Jodie Foster, Kali Reis, Fiona Shaw, Finn Bennett, Isabella Star LaBlanc, John Hawkes, and Christopher Eccleston

IMDb rating: 7.4/10

Available on: Max and HBO

7. Griselda


Modern Family fans must be familiar with the Colombian stepmother Gloria Delgado-Pritchett and her contribution to the hilarious show. This time, the actress has made a wild shift in her role. She plays Griselda Blanco, a powerful drug lord who is invincible and even feared by Pablo Escobar. Although the series is a fictionalized version of the original events, it will still keep the viewers hooked. Griselda, once a charming woman, is shown to become a merciless leader and get the title of ‘The Godmother.’ She returned to the US to expand her business in Miami in the 1970s and 1980s. Later, she creates one of the most powerful drug rings in history.

Griselda, directed by Andrés Baiz and produced by Eric Newman and Sofía Vergara, dropped on Netflix on January 25, 2024. The original crime queen was assassinated in 2021, but her portrayal was still highly loved by the viewers. As a result, it became the top series to watch, and that topped Netflix’s Global Weekly Top 10 TV (English) immediately after its release.

Episodes: 6 

Genre: Crime, Drama

Cast: Sofía Vergara, Alberto Guerra

IMDb rating: 7.30/10

Available on: Netflix

8. The Tourist

The Tourist

Jamie Dorman starrer The Tourist is an American thriller drama. It revolves around a man who is the victim of a car crash. He wakes up in a hospital in Australia with amnesia. Now, he faces the challenge of finding and assembling clues regarding his identity to overcome his past. The series first premiered in the UK on January 1, 2022, on BBC One and BBC iPlayer. Later, it came on HBO on March 3, and its global distributor is All3Media. Moreover, the title was renewed for a second season in March 2022, and filming started in April 2023. The second season of The Tourist aired on BBC iPlayer and BBC One on January 1, 2024. Further, it will be released on Netflix on February 29, 2024.

Episodes: 6

Genre: action, drama, mystery, thriller

Cast: Jamie Dornan, Danielle Macdonald, and Greg Larsen

IMDb rating: 7.0/10

Available on: BBC iPlayer (viewers outside the UK can stream the series with the help of a VPN). Moreover, Netflix will drop it on January 29, 2024.

9. Money Heist: Berlin

Money Heist Berlin

While the critically acclaimed Money Heist ended with a cliffhanger in the last season, it became a difficult task to live up to the expectations of the fans. Money Heist: Berlin is a new series to watch and aims to become a worthy prequel to the most loved thriller series. This latest series follows the life of Pedro Alonso before the events of the first two seasons of Money Heist. He operates under the name Berlin. The show is set in Paris, where Berlin has decided to snatch priceless crown jewels without being noticed. Unlike Money Heist, the series is about the character and not the actual heist. It also has romance, fierce arguments, and occasional humor that make it a perfect watch. If you are looking for something light, fun, and full of action, watch Money Heist: Berlin.

Episodes: 8

Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Cast: Pedro Alonso, Samantha Siqueiros, Tristán Ulloa, Michelle Jenner, Begoña Vargas, Julio Peña Fernández, and Joel Sánchez

IMDb rating: 7.0/10

Available on: Netflix

10. Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Created by Francesca Sloane and Donald Glover, Mr. and Mrs. Smith is an American television series. Inspired by the 1996 series and 2005 film, it dropped on Amazon Prime Video on February 2, 2024. It features Donald Glover and Maya Erskine in the lead roles of John and Jane Smith. These two strangers work as agents for a mysterious organization and pretend to be a married couple to complete their mission. 

You should not judge the movie based on the 2005 movie of the same name that starred Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. In this series, John and Jane Smith are given undercover identities as an unmarried couple and given the task of handling sensitive assignments. Although they are a fake couple, we can observe the real attraction between the characters. In a world full of lies, John and Jane Smith only have each other.

Episodes: 8

Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama

Cast: Donald Glover, Maya Erskine, and Paul Dano

IMDb rating: 6.9/10

Available on: Amazon Prime Video

How do I choose a series to watch?

While there are an endless number of series to watch online, choosing the series that matches your taste can be a difficult task. It is important to align the content with your taste to enjoy it to the fullest. Follow these steps to choose the perfect series for you.

  • Understand your taste.
  • Ask your friends for recommendations.
  • Read reviews about the series.
  • Watch the trailer to get a better idea of the same.

Wrapping up

We hope that this article fulfills your wish to stream the top 10 latest movies right now. These series are available on different platforms, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and HBO Max. However, those who have subscriptions and access to these platforms do not need to worry at all. The above-listed series are some of the current top-rated and latest releases.

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